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Are we talking rocket science? No, not quite. But nonetheless creating excellent centrifugal and axial fans requires a fundamental understanding of engineering principles, and the ability to apply them. With RHF you can rely on complete engineering competence. Defining load conditions with 100% accuracy ensures that our solutions leave nothing to chance or guesswork, and that our products are totally fit for purpose. All of our fans are the product of original thinking. The RHF design process is based on an intimate understanding of the theories of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Complemented by a combined bank of experience that extends over 80 years. The solutions created by our design team represent industry best practice, built from a strong appreciation of first principles, and the standards they dictate. RHF has developed unique, proprietary software and systems. Innovative thinking that delivers improvement to all stages of production. This ensures that the quality built in to our engineering and design standards is captured and applied effectively within our manufacturing process. Bespoke applications drive all key stages of design, cutting and forming. Computerisation ensures that errors are kept to an absolute minimum. This thinking also allows RHF to produce bespoke solutions to customer briefs without any loss in quality or the need for extended production times. You could say that our approach to business is a little like successfully completing a jigsaw. All of the pieces of the puzzle need to be the right shape, and you need a clear idea of the end result. If you can achieve this, things fit together beautifully and deliver a pleasing end product. RHF have designed an integrated production process that ensures that high quality products are delivered every time. Bespoke design is complemented by innovative and automated manufacture, producing excellent products quickly and consistently. "Investing in the right kit is a challenge, which takes insight and vision. Getting the most out of it is an even greater challenge. RHF has created an integrated manufacturing process that ensures technological potential is turned in to optimal performance. Production is driven by automated systems, which control all key aspects of the process from laser cutting to rolling and folding and assembly. Automated programs are used to manage our core product range production, delivering speed, flexibility and quality at all times. "RHF produce centrifugal, axial, high temperature and lagged fan solutions. Our focus is on standard centrifugal and floor standing products. However we are equally comfortable with bespoke solutions to more individual briefs. Our standard range encompasses impellor diameters from 250 mm to 2.4 metres, across an operating temperature range from from – 40ºC up to 850ºC. To date we have produced thousands of fan solutions across practically every area of application. Rigorous product testing can be an exception in this market. RHF see testing as a vital element of the production process, and something that every client has the right to expect. Testing is all about ensuring that ideas on the drawing board actually do what they say they do. RHF has tested each and every category of impellor and product configuration to BS848, as a minimum standard. Our records now run to hundreds of products. With RHF high quality technical support documentation comes as standard, detailing all aspects of product composition and performance. All customer enquiries are supported with fully detailed technical documentation. AutoCAD scale drawings are available for all of our standard arrangements at the push of a button, providing comprehensive details and saving the customer time. AutoCAD drawings show all required product angles and views. Complemented by performance, noise curve and energy consumption data. Order verification and production process management is fully automated and details programmes for all aspects of materials preparation and assembly. RHF have received 2 environmental awards for the contribution being made to the environment as a result of the substantial increase in fan efficiency, achieved through the extensive programme of re-design, research and development of their industrial fan equipment. RHF owns the factory from which it operates. It is modern open span, spacious factory, (30000 sq feet), Well equipped and laid out. Located close to both the M6 and M60 motorways. Significant capital equipment list :- 2 x Trumpf 4Kw laser cutting machines, Edwards Pearson 8 axis CNC 320 tonne press brake, CNC spin forming machine ; CNC plate rolling machine; CEMB balancing machine, powder coating facility , wet painting facility , stainless steel glass bead blasting Booth & mild steel shot blasting booth.

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