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Running Hours and Electrical Costs

Nominal Running Hours / day :-
Days / Week
Hours / week at Normal Rate :-
Hours / week at Reduced Rate :- Electricity cost (Normal Rate) (07:00 - 24:00) £ / kW hour :-
Number of weeks / year :- Electricity cost (Reduced Rate) (00:00 - 07:00) £ / kW hour :-
Number of years :- Energy cost annual inflation rate (in %) :-
Fan Abs. kW Drive Type Drive Eff. Requi. kW Motor kW Motor Class Motor Eff Inverter Driven Elec. kW Req. Life Energy Cost Fan Cost
95.0 110
100.0 839004
105.0 110
110.5 927320

Fan A:- Has the best whole of life cost (£ 86816 lower)
The initial cost difference will be paid back within 11 weeks
Fan A will be effectively free after 71 weeks

Air Power Calculator

Volume Volume Units Static Pressure Pressure Units Air Power (kW) RHF Smoothflow Absorbed Power (kW) Non Smoothflow Absorbed Power (kW) Transfer kW Values
94.50 111.2 126.0

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