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The UK’s leading experts and manufacturers of Centrifugal & Axial fans

RHF Fans are leading manufacturers of Centrifugal and Axial fans for commercial businesses. We specialise in custom solutions for your businesses and offer expert service and maintenance solutions.

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Centrifugal Fans

Our centrifugal fans span a wide duty range of volume and pressure combinations.

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Axial Fans

Our wide range of axial fans include both cased and plate mounted variants.

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Servicing & Maintenance

Custom expert servicing and maintenance for all types of fans.

Why choose RHF Fans as your next supplier

Quick Turnaround Times

We offer an average 3 week turnaround for your custom fan solution from order to delivery.

Investment in Manufacturing

We invest in manufacturing to ensure that we deliver only the most efficient products.

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Superior Quality Products

Our fan experts manufacture and deliver products to the highest quality.

Bespoke & Unique Service

We design, manufacture and deliver full custom solutions to meet your business needs.

45  years providing air movement solutions

Founded in 1978, RHF Fans are a technology led manufacturer of high quality centrifugal and axial industrial fans. A unique approach to design and production, and a stable fiscal base has seen RHF grow to a market leading position in the UK.

Strategic investment in manufacturing equipment allied to class leading engineering, software development and design skills has enabled RHF to create a range of industrial fans that deliver superior performance across all applications. RHF’s bespoke solutions and unique ‘Smoothflow’ technology deliver guaranteed performance advantages in the critical areas of inlet and impellor construction, which in turn ensure better performing products.

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Smoothflow is our commitment to producing the most efficient centrifugal fans you can buy.

Our unique Smoothflow inlets and impellers are up to 15% more efficient than our competitors by running with less turbulence, less noise, and a lower absorbed power. See how Smoothflow can help you save money with brand new Energy Calculator!


More efficient than our competitors

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The integratedAIR group has worked closely with RHF Fans for over 20 years; as our number one supplier of centrifugal and Axial flow fans, many of their products have been incorporated into the design of our Air Extraction and Conveyance Systems.

Their extensive range of high-quality fans helps us to design and build a variety of systems for the benefit of our global client base, whether it be for trim and scrap extraction, heat recovery, dust control, mist elimination, or ventilation systems.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with RHF Fans as their company develops and supports the growth of our business on both a national and global platform

Managing Director integratedAIR
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Dust Control Environmental Ltd (DCE) have held an excellent working relationship with RHF since the inauguration of DCE as one of our key suppliers.

Efficiency and punctuality are hallmarks of their Sales Team and Customer Service. They have maintained a high standard throughout our 14 years of trading.

Here at DCE we consider them to be one of the leading providers not only in high quality equipment and spares, but also ongoing support with customers and service.

Managing Director Dust Control Environmental
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