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Smoothflow is our commitment to producing the most energy efficient Centrifugal Fans you can buy.

Inefficient energy use not only has a negative impact on the environment but also the operational costs of any business and in recent years this has become more apparent. RHF have taken the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint as well as help our customers cut down on operational costs by investing in an ambitious programme to develop the most energy efficient Centrifugal fans in the industry.


To conduct our research, we selected six high-efficiency fans from our existing range for examination, each of these designs represent those most used within the industry.  Each design was subject to several tests which included modifying impeller flow lines, entry and exit angles, curvature of blades, as well as inlet assemblies, casing proportions and cut-off positions. Laser cutting with an accuracy of 0.1mm coupled with our tab and slot fabrication technology played a major part in ensuring the precision of the incremental changes made to impeller flow lines – necessary for accuracy and repeatability. Other special purpose machines enabled close tolerances to be maintained, particularly with respect to aerodynamic assemblies. With our findings we were able to produce over 30 prototypes and carry out over 200 tests.


The results from our research and development were incredible, observing over 12% efficiency gains compared to both our existing fans and those of our competitors. Our main finding is that the energy savings from our fans far outweigh their capital cost, with many of our customers saving the capital cost of their fan within the first two years.


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